Mistress Akella

mistress akella

In this hidden object game, you will be presented with a rather interesting theme of the relationship between mistress Akella and her loyal servant, Jema. When your expedition to locate your lost relative starts to get underway, you’ll find out that Akella is not what she seems.

You can practically feel the blades and gunning as you slice and shoot your way through hordes of enemies in some classic first person shooter action. In this game however, you’ll be using your own weapon instead of a gun to do the crime. If you think you’re up to the challenge of solving the crime, then you’ll definitely find the experience all the more interesting and thrilling.

However, if you’re the type of person who likes to play mature games with intense stories, then this game is for you. The graphics are a little graphic, but the story is worth the few moments of discomfort. The story is about two friends who get to live a simple life in present times after their mom dies, but the past surfaces when one of the victims starts exhibiting some violent behavior.

Cock torture mistress


The cock torture master is one of the most dreaded forms of punishment in the modern world and it can be both degrading and violent. It has been used in many ways, such as in the military, but also in private homes. There is nothing more humiliating and hurtful than suffering in front of others while your captor painfully manipulates and hurts you with his hands and fingers. For these reasons alone, it is crucial that you understand exactly how to take care of your own cock torture mistress.

First, you should never turn the pain and suffering of your cock torture mistress into a form of sex. This can be incredibly tempting for some and can encourage her to continue. If you tell her that she should stop because it feels bad, she will likely feel obligated to do so. You are simply asking for her to keep subjecting herself to abuse, and it will only lead to something worse than what you started out with.

Second, never tell your CBT mistress that she is being too harsh on you. If she is saying things like she wants to break you in half or she wants to scar you from the inside, do not argue with her. Instead, remain calm and collected and allow her to do what she wishes to do. If she tries to stop her actions by crying and screaming at you, ignore her and do not respond to her request. She will continue to hurt you because it serves as a sign that she wants more, which only makes you feel worse.

Lastly, do not forget that the purpose of your cock torture is to get you to let go of your resistance. The more you resist, the deeper your pain will become. As soon as you realize that the way she is treating you isn’t working, get out of the situation. Tell her that you will talk about it later, but for now it is better for both of you to end the relationship. Do not try to reason with her or convince her that she should let you go since you are the one hurting her.

Never, ever talk about ending the relationship during this time. Your words have already been twisted so it is better for both of you if you can just end the relationship and forget about it. Do not say things like “I need more from her” or “I want to hurt her“. Even if she did try to get more out of you, never let her know that you loved her or that you wanted her back. This could mean that she is not the cock torture mistress after all.

Finally, when all else had gone hopeless, get out of the situation and do something productive like a hobby, exercise, or just watch your favorite TV show. Go out with your friends or go see a movie. Remember, there are more ways for you to express your anger than by hurting someone else. Take action now while it is still fresh in your mind. Do not wait until it is too late to make things right between you two.

BDSM torture